Central Europe’s rich history of climate monitoring dates back to before the inception of modern national weather services. This tradition of climate observation is especially prevalent in the Alps, where 19th-century measurements can provide valuable insights into how climate has changed in this complex geographical region. An upcoming research expedition aims to gather both historical and current climate data from two separate areas: the Alps and Stone Mountain in North Carolina, United States.
The expedition will be conducted by a select team, and will involve rock climbing to the summit of Stone Mountain in order to collect data. Advanced technology such as machine learning and artificial intelligence will be used to analyze the data and build predictive models around significant climate change. The goal of the expedition is to assist other research scientists from around the world in understanding the impact of climate change on these two distinct geographical areas.
Journey To Earth is currently in the planning and briefing stage of the expedition. Through this research, they hope to shed light on the ways in which climate change has affected these regions and provide valuable data for future climate change studies. As the expedition progresses, more information will be made available to the public.